Mega Data Center Market Compatitive Landscape and Segmentation Overview by 2017

Scale is a vital part of the technology used to support next generation data centers. The study is targeted to C-level executives that need to move quickly and surely to improve IT. Automation of IT depends on understanding the business market opportunity from an independent perspective. Vendors are smart but they are committed to the technology they are pushing, the Sea Change Series is able to provide a perspective not available anywhere else.

Extreme scale is what brings enough pathways inside a Mega data center to create a non-blocking (CLOS) networked server architecture. Non-blocking network architecture benefits the business because it permits launching thousands of virtual severs on demand at the application layer. In this manner, innovation can be made to happen quickly.

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Using a mega data center, DevOps and/or automated processes can request and deploy additional resource without backing the Dell truck up to the data center every week to provide on-demand capacity. Automated deprovisioning handles freeing of surplus resources.

Scale can be implemented by IT, but the executive needs to understand that there is a difference between different technologies. In a mega data center, the system is implemented as a fabric: servers are linked to top of rack switches, which are made from merchant silicon chips, mostly Broadcom, some switch ASICs. A pod of server racks are linked to each other through an edge aggregation switch. A pod of server racks is based on the same ASICs as in the top of rack switches.

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Scale is an essential aspect of the data center positioning for these leading companies. These companies use Clos networks as their data center implementations. This module addresses how and why scale in the mega data center is important. The market shift to non-blocking network inside data center building means companies have to hit a certain scale before Clos networks work.

Market Leaders

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Facebook

Key Topics

  • Scale In The Mega Data Center
  • Realign IT Cost Structure
  • Mega Datacenter Physical Infrastructure
  • Automation of Mega Data Center
  • Networking Fabric
  • Exchange Of Data Between Servers
  • Complex Automation Of Process
  • Applications Customized For Each User
  • Machine-To-Machine Management of Traffic Growth
  • Fabric Network Topology
  • Building-Wide Connectivity

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