Generic Drugs Market Outlook 2021: Top Companies, Trends and Growth Factors Details for Business Development

Global generic drugs Market and the evolving business strategies being adopted and leveraged by generic drug companies around the world. It conducted an extensive and targeted industry survey of experts from top global generic drug companies, to gather opinions on the trends and future commercial prospects of the generic drugs market. The findings from the survey and results from extensive data analysis and secondary research efforts have been triangulated with GBI’s own analytical views to provide an objective assessment that is comprehensive in outlook.

The generic drugs market has seen rapid expansion for more than 30 years, and consistently achieves higher annual growth rates than the overall pharmaceutical market. The increase in generic drug activity can be primarily attributed to the promise of significant revenues from blockbuster drugs nearing patent expiry. In the US – the largest generic drugs market by revenue – the number of generic drug approvals hit a record high in 2015, due to a new program that aimed to speed up approvals. There has also recently been a surge in the number of industry-transforming mergers and acquisitions, with companies looking to consolidate their position in this highly lucrative market.

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The results of latest industry survey provide insightful analyses from different expert panels, including R&D and commercial, and highlight trends observed in key geographical markets. The survey examined key commercial issues and recent developments in the generic drugs market, such as the reasons behind the surge in mergers and acquisitions, and the likely effects on market dynamics. It covered important factors currently driving or restraining the market, prospects for key therapy areas expected to exhibit significant levels of genericization in the coming years, and the most promising emerging markets for generic companies in terms of revenue potential. Additionally, the survey examined common business strategies and regulations being leveraged by global generic drug companies for market expansion.

The report covers key small molecule drugs whose patents will expire in the coming years, providing an in-depth assessment of potential generic competition, expected launch dates and the overall impact on global branded revenues to 2021. The top global generic drug companies by revenue are also examined, including financial performance and recent activity within the market.

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This new report adds to our unique portfolio of trusted industry analyses, which enable our clients to assess the most promising commercial areas in the market and identify key business opportunities.

* What is the current value of the generic drugs market, and how will market dynamics change in the coming years?
* Will the US continue to dominate the market?
* Which therapy areas will witness the highest level of genericization in the next five years?

Drivers and restraints in the generics industry:
* What are the most important factors promoting generic drug usage at a global level?
* What are the most important factors hindering or delaying generic drug approvals?
* Will governments worldwide continue their efforts to promote generic drug usage?
* How will global demographic trends impact demand for generic drugs?

Generic drugs pipeline for top small molecule drugs in the market:
* What will be the revenue impact for key small molecule drugs whose patents expire in the near future?
* What are the key patent expiry dates for these small molecules and what level of generic competition should they expect?

Strategies for commercial success:
* What are the most popular strategies or regulations being adopted and leveraged by generic drug manufacturers?
* What governmental policies are significantly influencing generic drug usage?
* What will be the impact of compulsory licenses in emerging markets

Key Reasons to Purchase
1. Gain insightful analyses and understanding of market dynamics: This report comprehensively describes and assesses the most important factors driving and restraining the generic drugs market. It assesses pertinent commercial and regulatory aspects of the industry by combining survey results with proprietary in-house expertise and extensive secondary research efforts.
2. Assess the generic drugs pipeline for top small molecule drugs in the market: Our study provides prospects for these drugs beyond their patent expiries, including potential generic competition, expected launch dates and revenue forecasts to 2021.
3. Evaluate the strategies used by companies to promote generic drug usage: This report provides insights regarding the various commercial strategies being adopted and leveraged by generic drug companies to promote their therapies.
4. Understand government policies and strategies to promote generic drug usage: This report assesses current strategies and regulations implemented by governments in key geographic markets to promote generic drug usage.
5. Gain insight on mergers and acquisitions in the global generic drugs market: This report describes industry-transforming mergers and acquisitions that have occurred in recent years, the reasons behind the recent surge in these types of transactions, and their likely impact on market dynamics.

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